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Pagoda Kitchen

PDX - 6-28 - When you gonna get yer ART on?

Well, it's coming up again. Time to work! I went up Seattle, and everyone is really cramming in the hours getting their art ready - so if peeps in Portland need a place to get started, Wednesday the 28th is your next chance.

Dead Letter House
11th and NE Skidmore


Wood Shop
Etc, Etc...

Let me warn you now - our Wednesday work parties only last till Late July - there's only one in August, and that is the Clothing Swap/Costume Making one. If you haven't worked on your project with us before then, it will be too late to show up and try to use the shop.

The schedule:
6-28 - Get yer ART on - work on your own project
7-12 - Bicycles! Flair, Tuning, getting the cranks to turn after playafying them...
7/19 - Cars - (switched from before) - get your car tuned up to go the playa! Bring that Winnebago over to have some mechanics take a look! Oil Changes! Timing!
7/26 - Get yer ART on - work on your project
8/9 - Costume Creation/Clothing Swap

We'll also be doing gearchecks and planning for bulk buying this wednesday, 8/28 - let's help everybody get everything for cheap!

Plan Now! Play Later!


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