Pagoda Kitchen (sporkly) wrote in burning_man,
Pagoda Kitchen

So, what does a ride to playa cost, these days? (getting there only)

I'm trying to collect some comparison numbers of how much people pay for rides to the playa - do you have a number yet?

This is just the COST of the ride to the playa - rideshares can be found at: 1370

Perhaps you'd tell us:

a) what kind of vehicle?
b) how far away are you?
c) how many people are sharing?
d) how much

and perhaps if they have to find alternate transportation for any of the following:

a) their bicycle
b) their water
c) their art
d) their gear

or e) themselves.



Dead Letter - not cheapest, or fastest, or even the most reliable. In fact, DON'T USE US!
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