Unicycle Steve (unicyclesteve) wrote in burning_man,
Unicycle Steve

anyone remember ???

with regard to dental therapy... does anyone remember the extent to which the use of floride was used in your upbringing and or your siblings and extended family?

This is not inteded or subversively desired to be an attack on floride or a defense for it. Just hoping for a pseudo poll like thread.

As comparison... the time i was in the Navy they stopped issuing this funky floride jell not long after i entered the service. They no longer have it as a part of the dental kit issued in basic training. To my knowledge; unless its been reintroduced?

I'm contemplating a email reply to a sister-n-law who's opinion is decidedly strong on this topic and sad to say, she's so far not someone who's willing to dialogue on anything other then total (dare i say) 'blind allegence(sp)' to this topic. so this is my reference point to such a odd - if random topic post here.
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