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Priceless (a False-Profit and DownLow campout)

Since we're on the SO CLOSE TO HOME thinking... this event is going to be a great little bit of playa fun - out in the woods - in two weeks! False Profit teams up with DownLow for our BM art fundraiser event, a weekend campout party 3 hours north of SF:

reconstructing your favorite costume (again): $100
mind expansion tools: $33
energy drinks for the ride home: $14

Waking up Monday morning with a renewed sense of being and peace in the world, and .... whose underwear is this?

There are some things money CAN buy
For everything else there is False Profit and DownLow.

A Collaborative Campout from False Profit and DownLow
July 21-23, 2006


In a bold move to put MORE money where our mouth is, DownLow and False Profit, LLC are breaking the bank to bring you PRICELESS, one of the most highly anticipated campout parties of the 2006 season. We invite you to DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE with both crews working hard to bring you a pristine, fully equipped remote party site, and a bus full of serious Bass Wranglers.

Get your tickets for just $45. Buy them online or from anyone in the crews.


Adam Ohana (Get Freaky / an-ten-nae.net)
Alxndr (DownLow / The Panda Rejects)
.a/sia (subLUV)
audiolux (False Profit)
benchun (False Profit)
Boreta (Troubled Youth, Nexus)
Danny Corn (Moontribe / Downtemple / Subculture)
dj halon (Fake Science / False Profit)
dj mancub (Space Cowboys)
Donna Matrix (Troubled Youth)
Dov (Muti Music / Cyberset)
Dr. Toast (False Profit)
EPROM (Nexus)
Ernie Trevino (Space Cowboys / The Panda Rejects)
JANTSEN (www.brainfunklabs.com, Colorado)
Jocelyn (Get Freaky)
Kapt’n Kirk (Space Cowboys / PandaReject #01)
Kemek (Bedrock / Muti Music / Moving Target / Fiberlineaudio.com)
Kitty-D (Troubled Youth / Seedling Escape)
Mozaic (Troubled Youth / 13moontribe)
Neptune (Beatchurch / Troubled Youth / spiritech)
OOAH (Troubled Youth / Seedling Escape)
Piotron (DownLow)
pLUrEvil (panda rejects / project b-team)
watson (False Profit)
Welder [aka Eskmo] (Eskmo.com / Cyberset.cc)

Performing live:
Tycho (Merck, ISO50)
Troubled Youth Mash-up (Boreta vs OOAH vs Kitty-D)
Seedling Escape (OOAH vs Kitty-D)
Ganucheau (Native State)

Here's the LOWDOWN: The beautiful campground is tucked into the Feather River valley in the Sierras in Northern California, 3 hours north of San Francisco. Features include running water, fire rings, a river for swimming and tubing, and hiking trails, offering you an opportunity to GO FURTHER and EXPLORE MORE.


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