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At least it made number 2...

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Top 10 Summer Party Spots

As the weather heats up this summer, so does the party scene. These 10 sizzling hotspots encompass seasonal music and art fests, sexy seaside towns and great destinations for you to get your groove on.

By ShermansTravel editorial staff

Top 10 Summer Destinations

The sun isn't the only thing that sizzles between June and August—the season also ignites the hottest summer party spots around the globe, from bizarre desert gatherings to hedonistic bashes on azure-coasted islands.

We've rounded up a fantastic list of must-visit cities, where revelry manifests itself in renowned cultural fests and over-the-top parades; sexy seaside towns, where celebrities and party-goers touch down—often by yacht—to enjoy long summer nights; and even a desert destination, where thousands converge to celebrate the season. Of course, our list had to include Scandinavia's coolest summer capital, where midnight golf, mineral spas and hopping nightlife are just some of the season's remarkable bounty. So get ready to get your groove on—the summer party switch has been flipped!

2. Black Rock Desert
If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind summer party, rest assured that the annual Burning Man festival held in Nevada's Black Rock Desert is no mirage. This weeklong, no-holds-barred "art event" has drawn increasing numbers of global pilgrims (over 35,000 of them in 2005) since its modest 1986 debut (when just 20 revelers descended on a San Francisco beach). The ultimate end-of-summer hurrah (it's held in the week leading up to and including Labor Day weekend) encourages everyone around to let go—don't be surprised to see people getting naked, drunk or high—and culminates with the burning of a 40-foot tall wooden effigy known as "the Man".
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