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join the Xessential Collective for BM06

The desert air of Black Rock City will experience a new sound at Burning Man 2006.

This sound unites with the expressive power of visual-imagery to plant the seed of conscious creation of the present moment.

To manifest this idea, a new collective has been formed by a group of visionary artists.

These artists carry their intention to grow a new community united through music, video and dance to a sanctuary of creative expression - known to many as the Playa.

In forming this new collective, the artists have given birth to the name “XEssential”.

eXistential. adj. …of, or relating to experience

Essential: adj. …being part of the essence of something; inherent.

The voice of XEssential [XE] seeks the answer to one question.

“What is your essential experience?”

The essential experience is unique to the individual, and from it sprouts a deeper, more joyful expression of the true Self.

The XE collective shares the intention of consciously manifesting our world through the creation of a community at Burning Man 2006.

XE is seeking like-minded individuals to share in the creation of a theme camp, sound art installation, and live performance. Participation is welcome on many levels, from contributing to design, construction, sound installation, performance, or décor.

About The Sound Art:

The current concept for XEssential’s sound art installation is based on sacred geometry. Using a 5-sided 30-foot geodesic dome, a sacred meditative space will be created for daytime interaction. Surrounding the dome will be 5 symmetrically-positioned speakers, all within line-of site from the center of the dome.

About the XE Performance Art:

By night, the sound-art installation will host live performances by the XE collective and welcome participation through dance. The XE performance is comprised of a DJ and VJ set that unites sound and light to bring forth the reality of conscious creation.

To see the XEssential camp layout, visit the following URL:


If you are interested in participating with XE at Burning Man 2006, or just want to know more about our growing community, send an email to info@xessential.net

Namaste and see you on the Playa,

The XEssential Collective

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