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I have a bunch of Noob questions floating around in my head, and I can't remember them all just this moment as I am sitting here....I may ask them as a string of Noob questions over the next few days.

but first a disclaimer: I have read the survival guide and other online things about how to do the desert...when I ask a question, I'd so love to have answers based on people'e personal experiences, eg: where they bought, what particular type of this or that worked for them ~ yadda yadda. I'm not looking for links to the survival guide. If I ask something that is IN the survival guide, silly Noob that I am, then its most likely because I also want personal opinions.


so, that having been said, here is silly Noob question #1... has anyone planned to wear metal jewelry and found it not working for them in the day? there are some things I want to add to my attire that I worry will catch the light so well they'll and burn me with heat while I wear them...just thinking back to the seatbelt in my mom's car when I was a kid...I hear/read that it gets wicked hot out there! (and yes, I know to expect everything to get trashed!)

next...what type of goggles do y'all wear? should they be anti fog? tinted? how about ones you can change the lenses in - are those type dust tight enough to be effective? would it be alright to have your goggles slightly vented at the sides? is there a benefit to having yellow lenses as well as clear and tinted?

and lastly, for now, what type/brand/style of boots do you wear? any preferences for foot wear other than boots? And where do you like to purchase your foot wear or goggles or other BM accoutrements - online? flea markets? army supply stores?

TIA, from a total Burning Man Virgin!
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