the fourteen letter "S" word (allyn) wrote in burning_man,
the fourteen letter "S" word

culture shock

we left Black Rock City at about noon on Sunday
the queue to the highway went smoothly and before long we were on the highway
the miles ticked away pleasantly (for the most part) but we were in no hurry so as we neared Sparks we noticed that not only did we need to fill up the gas tank, but lunch sounded like a good idea
Oddlet and I had been following Shane and Jodi and keeping in touch by radio
Jodi spotted a billboard for a restaurant so that is were we went
OMG! culture shock
to get to the restaurant portion we had to walk through the casino
the contrast between a small town Nevada casino in all the garishness that it can muster and the devil-may-care attitude of Burning Man was immediately and painfully apparent
they do have have one thing in common
they are both going for sensory overload
but the result is quite different
i had forgotten how much casinos, with all of their blinking lights and discordant sounds, really unnerves me
we had a mediocre lunch
actually Jodi's and mine was okay
Shane's was passable (although a huge slab of cow is not what one expects when one orders carne asada)
and Oddlet's lunch "sucked",... but that's the risk you take when you order a Philly cheese steak in the desert

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