Allegro (caprica) wrote in burning_man,

ride offered: LA -> BRC

i've posted this around on tribe & craigslist, but getting a ride squared away soon is a good thing!

i'm looking for a passenger to ride with me out to BRC from Los Angeles & split gas costs.

I'm planning on leaving 8/25 & arriving on 8/26, so you'd need weekend arrival approved to ride with me. I don't have room for gads of stuff, so if you're interested, make sure you pack lightly.  Being able to drive stick is a plus!

I'm only offering a ride OUT to the playa, as i'm going to northern california directly after the burn.

you may contact me via e-mail if you like at lemonmoon (at) livejournal (dot) com

peace and ninjaberries,
Mary Bee

p.s. i'm planning on taking the 395 the way out, so i cannot pick up passengers off the 5. sorry!
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