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back from transformus!!

transformus was great! my favorite part was the people, there was so many cool and interesting people to met!! the only down side was the moop!!!! we really need to get it through to the virgins the leave no trace. i don't think they get how rude it is to expect someone else to pick up after them and pack out their shit!!!! ohhhhh and the porta potties were nasty!! we have requested that they serviced more often. we were told that they were supposed to be done every other day, but we only saw them cleaned once. did anyone else see them get cleaned more then once?? i didn't even mind the rain. so the man had a problem lighting, so what. if there wasn't a problem with the man and the rain then he wouldn't have had his arm fall off and make it look like he had a giant burning penis.

we are still recovering. i took a lot of pictures, so it's taking me a long time to put them in a post. i will be posting them soon. i am glad that we have transformus for us eastern burners. it's nice that it is the kind of place that the pregnant and not so pregnant, and the mom's with babies can attend. i was worried about having to miss burning man for a while because of babies, but now i can just get my fix at transformus! i think we will be a big part of transformus from now on!! we were part of cape sphere, our sphere was the hookah lounge. i can't wait to improve on it for next year! i am thinking we are going to get our own trailer and set it up so it has air condition at the close end. i want it to have a freezer, and some kind of set up for cooking. when we pull all the stuff out of it, it is empty except for my pseudo kitchen, the freezer, and nice cool air conditioning!! we can make it so the other open end is opening up into the hookah lounge so it get some of the air conditioning. that way we have more space in the dome for more furniture, more hookahs, and more room for people to come and lounge.

it was good to be able to us transformus to see where the kinks are in our camp, so we don't have the same problems at burning man. the only problem we had was the water puddling on the ground in the pot holes. we covered the dome with a trap but when the wind kicked up it was blown off, we caught it right away and staked it down. i don't think we will be having the rugs at burning man, but now i know what are the must have things to bring for the lounge. since we are flying out and sending or packing our stuff with us on the plane we are going light. i don't think i will be cooking as much for everyone at burning man though. i did get one of those coveted invites to the playa Q so we will see what comes of that. from what i gather the invites to the playa Q are almost as coveted as the de comp invites.

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