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Media Victim

Vancouver (BC) Area Burners - Hear My plea

Hey Guys - I hope y'all had a great time at BITF this past weekend (I finally got home Monday late night)

wow- this is the first post I have made to Burning Man LJ group - long time listner first time caller.

Anyhoo- the BurningVan Rideshare forums are a little sparse as far as people offering rides to and from the Playa
and I am trying to secure my ride. The problem is that the rides I thought I could count on are being taken by a large theme camp pieces and art installation pieces from Vancouver leaveing no room for people.

Does anyone comming from Vancouver have room for one more? I am not part of a theme camp and so I do not have a lot of crazy sh*t - just me - a tent, a few totes , water jugs and a cooler - I am even willing to abandon the idea of a bike to keep my krap to a minimum. And I would also be willing to pay up front (today) to secure a ride.

Alternatively - I may also be looking to join a camp (if that be the way to get a ride) and chip in on food, gas, work etc.

Any Takers (from those who are living in Vancouver or traveling through on yer way down?)
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