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second hand ticket purchase

Hi Burners!! I guess I'm more than a little excited...I just won my ticket on Ebay for $225 (+ $5 shipping). And why is that such a bid deal??? because it means I've definitely finally made the commitment to go for my first time after about 4 years of wanting to.

Thank you to everyone that answered all my Noob questions a few posts back (such as will too much metal jewelry heat up and be uncomfortable - my fav. answer was, "only if you are Mr. T"!!)

So, about my ticket...I don't know the face value, the seller did not really respond to that even though I asked. In my message to her through Ebay during the bidding process I asked if I would be able to verify the tickets and the face value. One of the only things she did say was "I'm not out to rip anyone off here" and the comment actually made me feel a little bad for asking about ticket authenticity...I guess I just thought that kind of thing was a standard question.

Am I missing something? I was polite about it for sure, but is there just some type of BM etiquette that I failed to follow??

Now that the auction is won, it's time to I dare ask her for authenticity again? I know there is a way to submit the ticket number and have BM get back to you on it whether its a yay or a nay...or should I just go ahead and pay the auction and hope I can trust her (she says she would have been a virgin Burner as well and requested a photo of the Burn....)

Please advise.

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