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Sober Burners

If you or anyone you know is looking for drug & alcohol-free camping space, Anonymous Village is a fun option. We're a 12-Step camp that provides a safe haven from the the bountiful intoxication at Burning Man. We host 12-Step meetings daily, starting at noon then running throughout the day until at least midnight (last year we had a couple 3:00AM meetings as well). Most of our meetings are "Any-A," meaning they're open to people recovering from addictions to alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, overeating... whatever. A large white board in the main meeting tent has the schedule, and people are welcomed to add 12-Step meetings they want to host.

Does "Burning Man without drugs or alcohol" sort of sound like an oxymoron? It did to me last year (but then again, I am an addict), my first Burn when I was six months sober. I quickly discovered I didn't need drugs or booze to have a great time, but I did need the support of others to stay sober in that environment. We had several people move their tents to our camp mid-week because the people they were originally camped with were a little out of control, so if that happens to you, come & see us. Bonus: We're located at 5:30 & Chance, close to Center Camp.

If you're in recovery & planning to stay that way at Burning Man, also be sure to read Sober on the Playa, which mentions our friends at the other two sober camps, Camp Stella (queer & sober, home of the "Queers, Fallen Women, and Plain Crackpots Group") and Camp Hokey Pokey. Best wishes to all for a great Burn!


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