quintessence ejaculate (urbanwuff) wrote in burning_man,
quintessence ejaculate

Notes for Newbies, and Oldies, alike.

I'm not going this year, so bring back some dust for me!

Here's a gift for all you freaks, geeks, fools and artsy fartsy types:

No, this isn't some sort of joke, please read.

Please be aware, major theme camps have been told that law enforcement is sending minors into bar camps to bust you. Fines, Tickets and Impending Shut Down are the words being spread, so bars are being told to card. This means, carry your ID. While this should be a no brainer, being that if you collapse from heatstroke/dehydration you should have some form of ID other then that nickname tattooed on your right ass cheek, a lot of folks fail to carry the little bit of plastic. So now, think of it this way, no little plastic ID card (yes, a legal one, not the Pot Smokers Union Card you bought at Spencers on Spring Break) means no boozebooze.

PLEASE CARRY YOUR OWN CUP. If you expect every bar to have enough cups for every particpant over 7 days who wanders in and wants to suck on whatever Pirate Punch or Dirty Daiquiri they have to offer, stay back at camp. Buy a little cabeaner and get a dollar store mug and voila, you hook it to your camelbak or a belt and instant portable liquid retainer! This goes double for anybody going to eat food at random pancakewafflecrepe breakfast camp, or whereever else you head. Go buy dollar store plastic plate and/or bowl and keep those in the bag too. REI has this nifty oragami-esc bowl made of thin plastic. Folds flat, unfolds and locks into place and BOWLNESS! One fork/knife/spoon combo is always good too.

With these two simple thoughts, your late night wanderings from bar to bar can be kept much, much more happy-like to the providers of such services. Be self reliant, be considerate, be cool, and above all else, stay safe out there.

Happy Homecoming, my crazy brethren, I love you all. Please crosspost this everywhere, or spin your own reminder. I don't want anyone having the first night out ruined by wandering all the way from 3 o clock to 9 o clock because the TOPLESS CRAZYLEGS NECTO NIGHTCLUB is serving Absinthe Punch with fresh pineapple and you can't have any because you left your ID in your tent. You know by the time you get back it's all gonna be gone, and everyone will be telling you about how good it is, and you'll feel let down and foolish for forgetting. Don't let this happen to anyone you happen to cross in your travels either, so pass this note on!

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