some guy named Moe... (moesmith88) wrote in burning_man,
some guy named Moe...

Newbie with a question

Hi all. This summer marks my first visit to BM and I'm curious as to different people's reactions/dealings with newbies? I've heard different stories re: the treatment to "noobs", ranging from really nice to incredibly rude and obnoxious. Therefore, I'm a little wary, in regards of what to expect.

I'm going with my wife, (this is her 3rd burn) and we're staying with a really good camp (I've met some of the folk and they're all nice) so I've got what should be a safe and happy place for me to stay, but I don't think I'd be totally happy just staying in the camp the whole week. I have *no* idea what to expect or what I'll find, other than general stories I've heard from my wife, so I was hoping I'd be able to wander about, explore, meet new people and just see what happens...

I keep hearing that everyone's experience is different and no one can tell you what to expect, etc, etc - but, I was hoping for a general feel of things, and so I ask: how do folk treat the new ones?
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