mediafaerie (mediafaerie) wrote in burning_man,

RV for sale in the Vancouver/Portland area

Hey kids -

My coworker is selling her RV at below blue book cost. I promised to pass the word on to local burners (Vancouver/Portland)

Check out the craigslist ad:

If you are interested, or you have any questions, please use the contact info in the ad. I'm just a messenger. =)

Thanks! See you all on the playa!

EDIT: I am a regular poster to this community under my non-work LJ ID. This ID is blank for privacy (don't want coworker to know my LJ ID if it comes up through this craigslist ad/transaction) I'm not trying to randomly spam everyone - I see stuff regarding local communities here all the time. If this post offends anyone, please let the mod know and they can delete. I just thought some of you might want to know about it! =) Don't hate! It's all about the loovveee.
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