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Join The Wandering Guild.

Burning Man needs a citizen comunication network for the playa. Let's do it Postman style. It is just a do-it-yourself kind of thing.

[side note: The Postman was filmed in Medaline Falls, pop. 600 where my grandma taught school and my grandpa was the town's mechanic. Grandpa McCain (Mac the mechanic) says the mule was a better actor than Costner.]

Grab a walkie talkie and one or two to share with a friend. Put on some good walking shoes & sunscreen, fill your camel pack with plenty of water, and bring a mug to be filled with libations.

Check list:
-dental floss
-condoms (enough to give a few away)

The playa needs a civilian communication network. Get out there and share with the people what you have seen in our vibrant city. Wander from theme camp to art installation and tell what you saw – not unlike the medieval storyteller wandering from town to town
telling the news and passing on good wishes.

-brightly colored hat (to be easily recognized in a crowd)
-trash bag
-cigarette butt holder
-playa gift carrier (you may be asked to deliver playa gifts in your wandering)

Get on your walkie talkies and let your fellow wanders know what you have seen and where you have been. You can pass on a real human-to-human message to friends at another camp via radio waves. If the rangers can do it and still stay present in the playascape – then a wandering gifting drifter can too.

-lip balm
-glow sticks or blinkies
-walkie talkie
-extra batteries

How often has your commitment to running a theme camp location kept you from what you really want to do – be out there on the playa. Your gift to the city can be your ability to give a loving hug and to tell others what wonderful things you have seen in our marvelous city.

-poi or other fire equipment
-surgical gloves
-personal lubricant
-mixer (for drinks – funny how often that mixer is the first thing to run out before the alcohol does)

So ask those-in-the-know about the best walkie talkies for the playa.

(now all we need is to pick a color theme so we can look as cool as those rugged BRC rangers)


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