Daniela (daniela) wrote in burning_man,

just got the report from the e-playa..

there were a disturbing number of serious accidents in the desert this year. not surprsingly, the god damn ferris wheel was the cause of a few. the naked zipline, just 50 feet from my camp, cracked a skull (not surprising - i saw about 100 people fall). very disturbingly, the crane which was broadcasting the webcast of the burn ran over someone's leg.

they also released the name of the man who died on the 447. he was dan clayton, a burner with the hookahdome. i met dan on my first night out this year. i am very sorry to hear of his passing, and i extend my condolences to his friends and his partner who tried so hard to save him.

i want everyone to take a few minutes might now to thank your diety that you had a great time and escaped unscathed. any one of us could have been injured. many people from our tribe were.

the e-playa discussion about the accidents is on the bbs.burningman.com site in the general discussion area in the "opps... accidents" thread.

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