Garzan (garzan) wrote in burning_man,

The same old place, or the Old Same place...

Making excuses for your behaviour since 1999.

Gate Camp (aka The Black Hole) is once again at 6:00 and Chance (bottom of Ring Road). I expect to be leaving SLC and arriving on playa on Saturday the 19th. If you're in the neighborhood and would like to stop by, I'm in probably the only white Coleman popup tent trailer in Gate Camp. I'll have a string of parrot and palm tree camp lights set up around my sitting area. If there is a 3/4 ton red and white Suburban parked outside I am probably in the area. If its not there, then I'm probably outside the trash fence working. Oh, there is an all red Suburban that also stays in Gate Camp but that belongs to Divine and Haiku, not me.

Back to organizing and packing. See you out in the dust.
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