Pagoda Kitchen (sporkly) wrote in burning_man,
Pagoda Kitchen

Dead Letter Truck looking for Five More Riders! (pdx)

Consider spending a little bit more to get to the playa, to join the crew of the Pirate Mail Truck!

The Dead Letter Truck is a Mutant Vehicle devoted to the Misdelivery of Mail. This year, we feature a number of new constructions:

1) Wings! Two fold-down stages on either side of the truck for hauling around performers, packages, wheelchairs (our wings are handicapped accessible!)
2) Puppet Windows! Get up on the wings and pull a Mr. Rogers! Be warned - a puppet is a requirement for riding the DLT - No Puppet No Ride!
3) Roof/Shade Structure - the top of the truck is adorned with sails, covered in a shade structure.
4) Sound - We'll be thumping the 'party in a box' this year - a mobile sound system that jacks into the truck.

Still looking for a way to get down to the playa? Help us make our own way there by sending yourself, or perhaps your bike, or your gear.

For $200 we'll take

a) you
b) your gear
c) your bicycle
d) your water
e) your art

Looking for a ride for your bicycle? Send it for $35
Two people's water - $35
Giant art projects - make an offer!

We're leaving PDX on Friday, 8-25, and hitting the hot springs on Saturday, before arriving on playa Saturday.


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