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Hey I saw this on Tribe.net thought it would be great to pass around the word!

The Burning Dragon is over 7 football fields Long!

Come and Join Us ! !

If you're looking for a great way to PARTICIPATE at this years burn, join in with hundreds of other participants as part of the Burning Dragon!

The TriBe is organizing an effort to break the worlds record for the longest Chinese Festival Dragon. Guinness has accepted the challenge! The current record is 1.8 miles! We need 1100 ten foot body sections to break that record with a 2 mile long dragon!

It's Easy!

You don't even need tools. All it takes is three regular hula hoops, three plastic sprinkler pipes and a big bed sheet!!
That's it, and you can decorate however you like. Dragon scales? Smiley Faces? Patch work quilt? You decide!

For details, instructions and sign-up info go to;


Click on "burning dragon"... hundreds of participants are already signed up. Even if we don't make the world record, the Burning Dragon will be the longest interactive art project in burning man history! Sign-Up with a friend.. or sign up your whole camp!

Can't wait to meet you and see YOUR art!

Jim Bowers
Burning Dragon Team
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