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I'm just aboot to order some EL-Wire to detail my old trusty 3/4-length leather jacket with EL-wire along the sleeves, seems, bottom and back. I was going to buy from http://www.vibelights.com as they have great prices, playa specials, and will solder the connections for you for $2.50. I'm not that impressed with their small selection of portable inverters/drivers though . . .

I have a total of 33' of El-wire to power over three seperate lines. I don't mind using two drivers so long as they are small. Seems like the higher voltage battery the higher frequency and thus the brighter the wire glows. Some places sell an adapter so you can use 8AA batteries instead of 1 9V battery to get 12V total and a brighter glow.

Anyone have any suggestions on good pocket-sized inverters to use? Also, do inverters normally come with connections already attached? And if so are all the "EZ-connectors" compatible or do they differ from what store you order from? LiveWire and Cool Neon has a nice selection of drivers but I'm not sure if they come with connections and if they're compatible with VibeLights' EZ-connectors.

Right now I'm leaning towards just getting two of the mini 9V inverters and a two-way splitter . . .

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