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XSG - 1 G 2 Many

Playa Recipes

I'm interested in posting some of my playa recipes on here, because we could all use good, healthy meals which also have vegetarian options, that use ingredients most likely to be found at Burning Man. You'll get the gist of it as I post them... these recipes take into account how long food keeps, so there will be recommendations for how far into your trip you might consider making it.

I'll post a few serious recipes coming up, but I'd like to start with a recipe that I originated way back when I was working on my MBA... see, I was a night owl, but I had an 8am class (usually accounting or economics) every day of the week. This recipe, which has been modified slightly for playa conditions, really helped out.

XSG Puffs
Your portable drinking mug (because you're bringing one, right?)
Cocoa Puffs
Rebel Yell Kentucky Bourbon
Pour a reasonable quantity of cocoa puffs into your drinking mug.
Add bourbon to taste. Mind that you don't make the puffs too soggy.
If you prefer, try adding a splash of vanilla soy milk (it's often sold in cardboard boxes and keeps really well on the playa).
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