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XSG's Recipes: Late Week Chili (vegetarian)

Toward the end of the week, you've probably used up all of your fresh vegetables and meats. You're still going to want some protein, however, so consider making a bean dish, like Chili. Even better, you can make Chili really quickly and almost entirely from cans! Sure, the Johnny-on-the-Spots may face your wrath later on, but a little Chili as the sun sets will do your body good.

For starters, one of the ingredients I'm recommending is something I think everyone should bring in a sizeable quanitity: lemon juice. A large bottle of RealLemon can be had for $2.50 or less, and it's a great thing to have on hand to cut some of your water with (for flavor and vitamin C). It's also essential if you want to hasten a meat's marinade process, and if you're in a pinch, it can be used as a (painful) astringent. Make sure you're not bringing artificial lemon juice, by the way... that stuff's nasty and oughtn't be used as an astringent.

Also, at home, I'd start this dish by chopping up and sauteeing an onion. I recommend against doing this on the playa... onion skin creates far more MOOP than I find value in having the onion in the dish. Instead, bring some onion powder in a little plastic container.

XSG's Chili
3 Tbsp. lemon juice
2 oz. Chili powder
2 Tbsp. onion powder
Other seasonings to taste
Three cans of stewed tomatos, italian style if you prefer
One can garbanzo beans
Two cans black beans
One can kidney beans
Two cans pinto beans (avoid brands that add a bit of pork fat into the can. S&W is a pretty safe bet.)
One can corn
Place your large pot (remember, you brought one of these for the Fajitas!) over a heat source.
Add corn (and the corn juice from the can), lemon juice, chili powder, and onion powder into your pot. Stir until chili powder is mixed in well. Now's the time to add any other seasonings you may have wanted to add.
Add stewed tomatoes and can after can of beans, stirring each one as you dump its entire contents into your cauldron.
Continue heating and stirring until after it all starts to bubble a bit. The garbanzos will be too firm if you don't let them cook for a little bit.
If you've got any meats left over which haven't spoiled yet, toss them in. Ground beef and even sliced turkey or bacon make for unique and delicious chilis.

You might notice at this point that you have enough leftover Chili to feed your entire block. Do so. That way, they won't blame you for the smell later on...

On the use of peppers: Most people prefer to be able to taste their food. Because you'll be sharing your food with others, it's a good idea to not add additional pepper to this chili. If, however, you've got a bunch of people who like hot chili, and you don't plan on sharing, add as much pepper as you can handle. Pepper is actually a blessing on the playa: it often forces you to ingest more water than you would have otherwise. On the playa, this is a very good thing.

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