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Hello My Loves,

I just have a few questions to throw out there. We always take an RV because I'm not in the worlds best health and I tend to get heat stroke really easily, so we save up all year, rent one, feel guilty about it, but take it anyway, despite the gas useage and generator noise because otherwise I wouldn't be up to it, plus I'm travelling with a child.

My question is re. our shade structure that we put in front of our RV so that when we come in and out we aren't walking straight out into the blazing sun and we have a little space where we can sit and hang and do things to our bikes etc. The first few years we brought the typical Johnny thing that hardly provides any shade and has to be spiked down hard like everything else. Last year we bought and brought one of those big ass car shade things that you see people putting over their driveways in sunny towns and it was soooo much better but we didn't really hang out under it. I'm wondering if any of you who bring RVs have any advice on camp set up re shade structures and RVs.

I'm also looking for some kind of BM approved scooter transportation. A few years ago we brought an electric scooter with a seat, which of course eventually died in the dust. We also tried the gas powered skate scooter things and they died as well. Are scooters allowed any more? I just don't have the time, money, or energy to throw together and art golf cart car in time and when I get too worn out to ride my bike it'd be great to have something motorized so I don't have to miss out on so much. We used to have pals who would bring their art car through camp and give everyone rides but they got burned out on this pretty quickly as people could be a bit demanding.

I guess the only other question I have is an even weirder one, but since my son is getting older, he's sixteen now and doesn't need to be supervised as much as he did when he was seven and we first started coming, we are starting to outgrow Kidsville, which was Kidscamp when we started coming years and years ago. I'm wondering where you think the kindest, sweetest, most open hearted and welcoming folks camp? For years I wanted to camp with Gigsville, or the LA Cacophany crowd, now I feel this allegiance to Kidsville but a desire to branch out a bit and hang with creative open minded but super loving people, which probably represents an enormous percentage of the population, but we've grown so much and it's just so huge now that I need a shove in the right direction.

Oh, I thought of one more thing. What ever happened to Live Journal's Burning Man camp. I hung out with them a lot the first year they were there, then a little bit the second year, and then they disappeared or I lost them. Do we even have a camp anymore? I wonder what ever happened to all of those cool journals that everyone came and filled out the year we had to get stamps in our passports. It would be so great to see some of the artwork.

Okay I'm done rambling.

I'm just praying that the MRI I'm going to have will check out so I can come this year.

Big hugs,
Wacqui and Beau too

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