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well we have been very busy getting ready for burning man lately. we are flying out this year, so we have to figure out what stuff we are bring and how. we want to bring the hookah lounge, all the stuff that makes it the hookah lounge. like the hookahs, lamps, blow up couches, black lights, ect... then we need to bring our fun clothes, like out furry pants, my furry trench with the el wire flames i am still working on, as well as my wings that i still need to put the el wire on. the only problem is that the el wire hasn't showed up yet, so i guess i'll be hand sewing at least my coat on the flight. we plan to feed a lot of people again, but we are buying food and the rest of that out there. we are only aloud two check bags and one carry on with a purse or lap top or something of that type. the check bags have to be only 50lbs. ok but our little bag for all our batteries weights 20lbs. we have the sound system to bring too. *shaking head and rolling eyes wondering how we are going to do this* i keep telling my honey that we need to pack the bags NOW! you see he does everything last min. and i hate that, it stresses me out!

i have been sewing for a two weeks! every time i go to the jo ann's the honey finds something else he wants me to make into something for him. last week i went to find the material for my kimono i am making for our wedding and couldn't decided which material i wanted for it, so i made him come and pick it out. while we were there he found the velvet *rolling eyes* he wants pants made out of it. i liked one of the velvets too so he bought both of them for me to make pants for the both of us. so now i have the wedding kimono, the gold sheer dress that goes under the kimono, the two pares of pants, along with the two pare of wrap jinn pants had yet to sew to finish before we leave! then add the el wire! thus my absence from live journal for all night sewing sessions. we are getting married at the temple at sun down on wednesday we think. we are still looking for someone to preform the ceremony, that is someone without a bone in his nose and a loin cloth or elvis. just your regular old burner will do. someone who won't raise eye brows when we show the pictures to friends, co workers, bosses and parents. you know safe for work, but not dressed down. they can be their burner selves, just not marked nsfw. so if there is anyone who knows someone that fits the bill please help us out. oh and if you are going this year and you like to come to our wedding all are welcome. well will be going back to the hookah lounge for dinner and wedding cake for all! so please come!

well i should get back to work! my wings and some of my el wire just arrived!! yeah!!!!!
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