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radio in Black Rock City

hello friends of the playa!

did you know there are about 20 radio stations in Black Rock City? it's true!
while BMIR is the event's official radio with news and information there are many others broadcasting for your entertainment. the registered frequencies for 2006 are listed here.
so bring a radio [and batteries!] and tune in.

i mention this to you, dear readers, because my camp started a radio station last year - The BRBC 99.1FM - and we had so much fun we're doing it again! boy, oh boy, do we have some aural treats for the playa this year...

and we want to help YOU spread your word!
here's a little PSA about PSAs on The BRBC:

~~~~~~~~~ )'( ~~~~~~~~~

Promote your event, entertain the masses.

The BRBC is a 100% solar powered radio station, filling the playa
with the rich and varied sounds of what ever the hell we want to play.

But the BRBC also wants to help you get the word out.
Have an event you'd like to promote on the air? Send us your audio!
Have something funny or cool you think we'd be interested in playing on the air? Send it to us!

What you should send:
* original audio bits, audio collage, original music, mash-ups, etc.
* produced or semi-produced PSAs
* produced or semi-produced promos for your events and/or camp
(mp3 or ogg format is best, most anything else is fine.)

What we *don't want:
* music you had nothing to do with (i.e. your favorite albums)
(Original pieces please...we *really* have enough copies of your favorite N-Sync tracks.)

What we *might* want:
* scripts for your unproduced PSA or promo
(Nothing is guaranteed, but if you don't have the capacity to produce your own spots, send us a script. We'll try to make some magic happen.)

Send all your stuff to radio @ thebrbc.co.uk.

Deadline for submissions is Tuesday, August 22, 2006

99.1 fm - www.thebrbc.co.uk
The Black Rock Broadcasting Corporation

We're not a real corporation. We just play one on the playa.

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