Free Range Hippie (chaoskitty) wrote in burning_man,
Free Range Hippie

Fried Chicken Peas

pre heat oven to 350-400 depending on your oven
Take one can of chickpeas and drain completely
spread out in shallow baking pan
slice maragarine over top (about 4 tbsp)
sprinkle with seasoning salt and whorchistshire sauce (make sure they all get some)
Bake untill golden and kind of crispy on the outside about 20-30 mins but check on them every 5-10 and kind of shake the pan so they cook evenly.

These are so freaking good. They taste just like skins of fried chicken.
I have seriously creeped out vegetarians with these.
They keep really well.
I will be filling a few tupperwear containers with these before the playa.
Makes great muchie food.
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