magickmama (magickmama) wrote in burning_man,

the lovely person who said they would preform the ceremony for us has over overextended herself so she won't be able to do the ceremony for us anymore. so if anyone knows someone who can do it please point them our way, us their way. we are getting married at the temple at sun down on wednesday we think. we are still looking for someone to preform the ceremony, that is someone without a bone in his nose and a loin cloth or elvis. just your regular old burner will do. someone who won't raise eye brows when we show the pictures to friends, co workers, bosses and parents. you know safe for work, but not dressed down. they can be their burner selves, just not marked nsfw. we are unitarian so all is good, but we would like it to be light hearted funny even. we are both very nervous, and i have preformance anxiety in front of crowds. we like it if you left out all references to monogamy out of the ceremony. jokingly today i told him i would stay with him through good burns or bad, through rain or dust storms, putting up camp in the noonday sun. so if there is anyone who knows someone that fits the bill please help us out. oh and if you are going this year and you like to come to our wedding all are welcome. i am cooking for everyone, and i am a great cook. i have been know to served crab legs, chicken parm., ribs, shrimp and scallops ect... we'll will be going back to the hookah lounge for dinner and wedding cake for all! so please come!
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