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Pyrrhus, The Pessimistic Buddah

Recipies are Nice... but..

Just got this in my inbox, has anyone seen this first hand yet this year?

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Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 23:10:36 +0000

The Playa is very ODD, different textures. The city is in a new site this
year, slightly north of the last 5 years' location. The "12 mile-trego"
runs right the fuck thru center camp.

The different textures are on account of a drifting lake on the playa most
of the summer. Some of the stuff has the biggest, deepest crevasses I have
*ever* seen. Dont drop anything unless you are carrying a shovel. Other
areas are the lousy texture we all suffered from in 2001. Some parts were
hard it was difficult to pound in posts, many blades popped off.

BRING DUST GEAR- IT"S HELLA DUSTY. The more traffic that breaks up those
deeeeep fluffy crevasses the more 2001 style white-outs we can expect.
have already been nasty ones delaying the survey.


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