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Hair deal.. and book mention

13 days.. until the official first day.. and I:m beaming with excitement. But can:t make a decision on the whole hair removal process. So to those who WAX, SHAVE, OR NAIR it off. Which do you prefer doing before or while on the playa. And brands of what you use will help in my decision. I:m personally thinking about waxing just so it:s not even a though in my head but I:ve never waxed so I:m trying to think if the pain is actually worth it. Any advice will be much appreciated and taken in with a smile.

Also I was in portland,OR for the day and hit up POWELL:S(this well known book store) and saw a book that caught my eye. It was someone:s hip on the cover and the title was hips. What the person was wearing looked unique and the back round which was only an off white ground with a blue sky got me thinking. So I flipped through it and the ENTIRE BOOK consists of photos of ONLY HIPS... FROM BURNING MAN. There is no mention of BM but I know it.. and you would too if you saw the book. So go to your local book store find it and flip through and.. just smile at the fact that we know the location of the photos and some still have no idea.

SEE you on the playa.. Don:T know exactly where my bro and I are camping yet but we:ll have a flag that says LUNA BLOOD(our last name is LUNA and we:re siblings)


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