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Looking for some Burningman Help

Hey all, (konichiwa mina-san!)

So, I and my partner in crime have our burningman tickets, and have been absolutely exuberantly excited about going. We have been planning on taking my car and packing it with thrilling burningman gear (our huge tent, ballgowns, us, 25 gallons of water, two huge coolers). HOWEVER this past thursday, in the middle of Seattle rush hour traffic with an armed robbery going on nearby (making traffic horrendous), I was headed to a festival called the Flowmotion Meltdown to vend for my small business (with stuff packed on top of the car, the trunk, and filling the back and front seat)I got into a very scary car obliterating accident. I walked away perfectly fine, amazingly, and we actually made it to the festival with all of our merchandise( a miracle). BUT my car will never run again, the front is all mashed up to the window, and the wheel well is warped (that's a tongue twister!). This does mean that we no longer have our car to take, and no way of getting to Burning Man. SO! I am posting here for anyone in the Olympia, Seattle, or anywhere nearby area (we live in Olympia, WA)that is open to discussing maybe taking some of our stuff, or us, or caravaning with other people we might get to help us, and then maybe helping get us back at the end. ALSO, if there is anyone in these areas with a vehicle (that is aware of the tax that burningman takes on cars) that is willing to rent said vehicle to us for the week, OR a running vehicle that will just get us there and back for around $200, we would be immensely, incredibly grateful. If you want to contact me, email Thank you so much for reading this, and even if you can't help, thank you for wanting to.

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