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Playa conditions - no, really....

In case you didn't see ziptie's comment on pyrrhus's post yesterday, word is getting around that the "DPW report PLAYA CONDITIONS" email was, in fact, a hoax.

[burningman-bcwa] ATTN: Playa Conditions Email is a HOAX!!!

That's right folks. Apparently "that" email floating around warning you of daily dust storms was just a PRANK trying to get you all riled up and freaked out about the potential for daily white outs.

As it turns out, playa conditions this year are much better than the email would lead you to believe. The playa this year is much more hard pack than it has been in years past, NOT the crispy "potato-chip" kind of surface that powderizes so easily, as the hoax email would lead you to believe.

In fact, it seems that you can actually expect LESS dust than in the past couple of years.

We're trying to figure out where this prank originated (no, it was not Peterman or Ivan I know what you are thinking) because this thing has already gone far and wide and caused enough trouble. We're pretty sure that we've narrowed it responsibility to DPW and the other on-playa crews (which, when you think about it is pretty obvious).

If you have forwarded that email on, you may want to send out a follow up email letting people that it was all a hoax.
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