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Conditions from the Playa

Hey all!
I know that there had been some confusion about the conditions on the playa this year. Well, I just got a call from my boyfriend who has been out at the site for a week working on the Temple. He has confirmed that there are large ruts in the ground due to people offroading on the wet areas of the lake. "Ankle breakers" he called them. He also said it has been windy the whole time he's been there. Though not dusty at the moment, as soon as the mass of Burners stir everything up, it could get pretty dusty. It hasn't gotten over 90 since he's been there and the nights have been pretty mild. So far he's only needed a long sleeve Tshirt to keep him comfortable in the evenings.

He is calling back tonight and on Tuesday. If anyone has questions about the conditions, I can ask him and get back to you.
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