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The latest "The Jackrabbit Speaks"

For those who don't know, "The Jackrabbit Speaks" is the official communique of Burning Man. Here it is, in its entirety...

Ohh. nice number for today: 011001. Anyway sorry you've been waiting so long
for information. And, this probably won't have enough tasty info for most of
you, but it's a snack. I owe an update of the BLM meeting in October, report
on the Decompression party, summary of the Town Meeting in December and a
CLEAN UP report. I'll get to them as soon as I can put aside an entire day
to put it all together. Those of us working fulltime for Burning Man have
been extraordinarily busy this winter!

This email has 2 primary purposes. We are about to start ticket sales, and
have a job opening directly related to this launch. (Other info includes,
the Art Theme for 2001 and important volunteer opportunities).

Burning Man will happen from Monday, August 27th until Monday, Sept. 3,
2001. 228 days until Black Rock City rises upon the floor of a dry cracked
lake bed.


Ticket Sales
Job Opportunity
Theme for BMan 2001
Important Volunteer needs
Gerlach water supply "issue"
Admin on and off this thing


Ticket Sales.

First of all, official notification on ticket prices, number available,
deadlines, etc. is being sent out via a lovely postcard. (thanks hugh,
meow!) If you've previously purchased a ticket or have received a newsletter
in the past you should be on the mailing list. (If you've tried to add your
name via the web form, and have never bought a ticket from us your name may
or may not have made it onto the list, we're doing our best. Sorry, but
you'll get your postcard eventually.

ALL ticket price levels WILL be on sale starting Saturday, January 20th.
NOTHING postmarked before that date will be accepted. The post card is the
only place where the first and cheapest ticket prices will be announced (in
addition to all other levels). This is to give first dibs to those who've
been to the event, and to make the playing field fair with regard to the
internet and those not fortunate enough to have cyber connectivity. As with
last year the cheapest tickets are check only, limit of two and available
for a super short period of time. We continue to encourage all participants
to PAY AT THE LEVEL YOU CAN AFFORD. If we could actually manage a sliding
scale we would, but the tiered structure we have now is as close as it is
gonna get.

The schedule, allotments, deadlines are changed slightly from last year. I
WILL announce regular ticket sale information here on the JRS and on a web
page before the 20th, but not YET. So, please stand by.



We are determined to avoid the horrible backlog of ticket order fulfillment
that we all (you included) suffered through in 2000. We need an additional
full-time staff member to do this.

Currently: data entry is done by one staff member and periodic volunteers,
but we need someone to help oversee the process and staff/volunteers. The
work would be done in the Burning Man office in San Francisco, and some/lots
of desert work would possibly be required. The role involves a large degree
of responsibility, the ability to look at the big picture and help solve
problems, the desire to help make sure participants get their tickets in a
timely fashion and also respond to follow up inquiries. Here's more...

Participant Services Representative (or whatever YOU want to call it)
Sales/Ticket Process Management

We are looking for someone full time (although potentially seasonal
as our work load changes throughout the year). The right candidate must be
living in the Bay Area and work in our San Francisco office (3rd near
Evans). Important qualities include: some management and organizational
skills, attention to detail and a desire to solve problems in a fairly
unstructured and sometimes wacky, fast-paced environment. A bit of
accounting knowledge would be ideal. Good interpersonal and phone skills are
very important as the person in this role will be interacting with staff and
participants on a very regular basis. An understanding of the importance of
customer service is critical. Product fulfillment experience is a big plus,
but not required. Enthusiasm about Burning Man the cultural phenomenon,
working with volunteers, and being part of a group/team of highly motivated
and committed individuals is a given. Tolerance for collaboration in a
consensus based environment would serve you well. ;-) Work hours vary
depending on work load. Some responsibilities would be expected on the playa
as well as after the event. This is a contract position, and salary is
commensurate with experience. None of us are paid what our "market value"
is, but we endeavor to compensate as fairly as possible.

If you are interested in learning more about this paid position,
please contact Crimson at 415 550-3080, ext 103, and/or email your resume to You can also try Thorny at 415 550-3080, ext
105 or email him at

We may also have a paid seasonal administrative/project position available
in March or April, so if you're interested in that please email Crimson and
indicate your interest and availability. More info on this to come if the
position still needs filling by then.

ALSO, we periodically have questions or issues regarding Human Resources
(laws and general protocols) that are difficult to answer. We're interested
in finding a sympathetic consultant who might have some time available to
work with us on an ad-hoc basis. Please contact: if
you or someone you know fits the bill.

One note, it is still necessary for Burning Man to be a primarily volunteer
organization. However, there are paid jobs that require a high level of
accountability and commitment. Positions may be administrative, technology
based or mission critical DPW positions. For the most part, however, we
still depend substantially on the 1500 individuals who offered some level of
service/time to Burning Man at the event and throughout the year. And, as
always we tip our dusty hats to each of you that do ALL you do to
participate in our beautiful city/event/culture.


Theme for 2001.

"All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players." --
William Shakespeare

Those of you who troll the web site on a regular basis found the Theme for
2001 as of December 1st: "The Seven Ages". Go here to find more
<>. Thanks to Rod Garret (who designs the Black Rock City Plan) for the
illustration of the Man and his new podium, and thanks to Davey Normal
(Giant Anus 2000, for the Seven
Ages illustrations.

As usual, the ideas are grand, and they provide opportunity for extensive
collaboration. There are contact email addresses if you're inspired to start
thinking about how to help bring the theme to the playa.

For what it's worth, Larry Harvey has already determined what the theme for
2002 will probably be! I'm too busy working on 2001 so I have resisted


Important Volunteer Needs

Please, don't be turned off by the fact it's the web and tech teams looking
for help. We need project leadership, content development and
administrative support (ie: meeting notes, etc.) in addition to technical
support. If you don't have raw technical skills, but are willing to learn
and commit some time then continue reading below. Working on a Burning Man
volunteer team is a great way to meet other Burners, gain some experience,
make connections, see the inside of the 'machine' and contribute to a
wonderful community of dedicated individuals as they prepare for the most
interesting event you'll ever participate in.

read on...

The Tech and Web Teams have been going through internal growth and
self-organization in order to better tackle some new and challenging
projects for Burning Man. The web site will continue to grow and could use
some people interested in helping with content management and development,
project leadership, scripting, QA and html markup. We've received a number
of CD's of images taken at the event and could use some help preparing the
images for the web site, let us know if you're proficient in image
crunching! Designers, UI and IA people are welcome to let us know of your
interests, though you may be idle to some degree.

We (the tech AND web teams) are also building an intranet (probably more
accurately defined as an Extranet) which will serve as an enormous
community, regional, volunteer and staff resource. Roles similar to those on
the web team are also open for the IntrAnet Project. We also need a
volunteer coordinator for that project. Content management, project
leadership and documentation management are things we need as much as HTML
coding. This project is in it's infancy, so it's an opportunity to work on
something interesting and meaty and see how Burning Man functions. We have
plenty of IA/UI people, but if that's your area and you have additional
skills please feel free to express your interest anyway....Redundancy is
mandatory on BOTH teams.

A UNIX Sys Admin (or two?) is a most urgent need as we will be moving to a new server in the very near future, in addition to determining
the platform for the intranet server. Depending on the number of hours this
work demands a stipend is possible.

The Tech Team is involved in a number of interesting initiatives and
currently oversees the network topology, databases, intranet and "desk top
support" for the staff. We are still developing and expanding our FileMaker
Pro databases and could use more skilled developers. Also, if you're a
champion of documentation then we could use you.

All roles outlined above vary in time commitment depending on the scope of
the project, timeline, and enthusiasm of the team members. The nature of
volunteerism demands that most roles have backup support.

If you have an interest in putting your technology, admin, content or
project leadership skills to work for Burning Man, have the time, and feel
the commitment, fill out the volunteer questionnaire at: Please be patient as we endeavor to
answer and engage in a dialog with each person.

p.s. Volunteerism isn't for everyone, so if you'd just "kinda" like to help,
please don't fill out the questionnaire as it absorbs both your time and


Gerlach Water issue?

I've had more than a dozen people forward this URL to me asking if we are
planning to do something for this situation.
<> We love Gerlach.

Burning Man has supported the town of Gerlach for years and in a number of

1) Aluminum cans brought to Recycle Camp are donated to the Gerlach High
School. I believe over $500 dollars (after some expenses) went to the school
in 2000.

2) ALL profits (after expenses) from ice sales (which in 1999 were so low we
contributed more than what was left) go to the following Gerlach
organizations/groups: Gerlach Sr. Citizens, Volunteer Emergency Services,
Gerlach Schools (middle and high split the amount which in 1999 funded an
athletic trip, a field trip and a computer...i think), The Jeremy Williams
Scholarship Fund (Jeremy was the valedictorian of his class and the son of a
prominent family. He was tragically killed before entering college when his
vehicle went slightly off the road onto the non-existent shoulder -- if
you've driven at night between Gerlach and the turn off to Burning Man you
can relate to the seriousness of this -- he tried to regain control only to
flip the vehicle a number of times. He was wearing a seat belt, I'm told,
and no alcohol or drugs were involved.)

3) A recent recipient of Burning Man support is the water tower in town.
You'll notice it on the left just past Brunos if you're entering town from
the south/east. It's adjacent to the piece of property we own (with 3
buildings) which serves as our year-round office and the Black Rock Museum.
A group of citizens and local historians are intent upon fixing the tower as
one leg is seriously damaged and needs repair.

The above URL points out that the town needs $500,000 for a new water
treatment plant. We're in no position to fund this kind of enterprise, but
we'll keep you abreast of developments should it become necessary to help
Gerlach on this issue. I believe they are applying to the state for funds.


Admin on and off: takes you off this ride. is how your friends can ride with us.



Theme Camp questionnaire will be ready shortly, keep your pants on.

A full report on the porta-pottie situation and solutions is being composed
right now. One thing you're going to hear about continuously is the degree
to which the non-human waste carelessly thrown in the toilets contributed to
the slow down in removing the human waste. Items such as shoes and
clothing!?? Leave No Trace does not mean put the food garbage into the
toilets. Think about it people.

Commentary on the NCA to come someday.

rabbit rabbit

meow meow


Maid Marian
Mistress of Communication
Burning Man

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