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well i thought that since i got the el wire and put it on my coat, finished sewing our clothes, finish sewing my wedding dress that i would be relaxed about the approach of our flight out on thursday, but it seems the more time i have left i start on new stuff for the burn! i keep going back to the cloth store, and craft store. i have been crusing the web for more cool stuff to bring with us and i keep finding and ordering more and more stuff! now i have to worry about if the new stuff will get here in time! i have gone off the deep end with this. i order more el wire. a X-treme Scooter Cooler which got here today, but i have to ship it out today so it will get to vegas in time. i order some Paper Umbrellas that got here today as well. we ordered new blow up couches the got here yesterday. so now we are waiting for the new el wire.

i want to turn the cooler scooter in a litter. the kind that nubian men carry the harem women in. i went to the cloth store again today! i bought some sparkle gold tule, and gold fringe for the litter. we also bought a little rug to us for the bottom of the litter, and i was thinking that i should make a big fluffy silken pillow to sit on as well. now i just got to figure out how to make the canopy for it. what to make it out? how to support the canopy? the el wire i ordered is for the scooter so it would pass the dmv inspection. has anyone shipped with grayhound?? are they ok to ship with? will my stuff make it there without damage or being stolen??

we are still working on the wedding plans too.

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