Pagoda Kitchen (sporkly) wrote in burning_man,
Pagoda Kitchen

Fun with chemicals...

So Marvelous and bster both offered to kick in $20 for the smoke bomb prank... the plan is to take the DLT out to the 1:00 trash fence on Tuesday and set off a massive, continuous cloud of smoke. So I went ahead and purchased some chemicals.

I bought:

1 lb Potassium Chlorate
1 lb Zinc Dust
1 lb Sulphur Flour

And I mixed it up in my living room, on a big piece of brown roofing paper, with plastic gloves on. I used the 'just a pinch' measuring spoon to measure out

44 Potassium Chlorate
15 Sulphur Flour
40 Zinc Dust
and 2 crushed charcoal.

I mixed it in an empty butter container. I went out onto the street and placed a tractor disk on the street. I put a handful on the disk, and set the tupperware down on the ground. I lit it with a lighter.

It flared up a little, almost burning me - and then it ignited the butter container full of the extra, which REALLY flared up, and it definitely put off a really big cloud of smoke. Really fast. Whoops!

So basically, it works, albeit a little fast. So now I have to figure out how to slow it down. An inert substance such as playa dust might be a good mix-in, or perhaps I could pack it into a long narrow metal pipe that could only let it smoke out the end - it would get very hot, on the other hand, the lack of oxygen would keep it going for a very long time.


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