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TapeTown Franchising Opportunity

Are you all set with something to give to city?

If not, well then I have got a proposition for you... 

Since 2003 TapeTown has been providing Black Rock City with tape for safety, structural re-enforcement, and decoration.

Over this time it has become apparent that a single store cannot come close to meeting the city's demand for tape, so I thought if a few or several people started up their own outposts we could all share the costs, and the joy...

A list of Requirements:

A plywood board.
Some nails, some big > 2", some smaller.
A hammer, to pound the nails into the board once you are on playa,
then to pull them out again for easy break down.
Scissors, maybe a couple pairs in case one walks
Garbage bag, and more importantly the vigilance to stop MOOP
Dust rag
Soap spray bottle for pastie adhesion surface cleansing
Some way to cover the board during windstorms, or when you are closed.
Ideally  a shade structure for people to park their bikes and decorate them in comfort.
And, of course, plenty of tape... in the past my expenses have been $200 - $300 dollars which does a main launch and a mid-week decorative tape freshener.

The Single TapeTown Rule:
( In the interests of reducing sticky residue... )
Absolutely No Duct tape!    Gaffe tape is much easier and generally nicer stuff to remove. 
Sorry, wallet and coat makers.

In past years i've got my tape here, i believe that, depending on your location and departure date, that there are still a few days in which you could order some from them and have it delivered before you leave for the desert without extra shipping expenses.

It's lots of fun to be a TapeTown proprietor, you'll be sharing the costs, and the wealth, that comes from helping people decorate and keep safe in all sorts of innovative ways.   If you come on board, let me know how to find you on the playa, and we'll network the stores together to better market and accommodate shortages and special needs.

Here is a brief pictorial history of TapeTown




More pictures here.

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