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Bay Bridge Eastbound (Lower Deck) will be closed Labor Day Weekend

The Bay Bridge eastbound deck and several eastbound on-ramps (First St., Essex St., Sterling St., 5th St., & 8th St.) will be closed from 11:59 p.m. Friday night September 1st., until
5:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, September 5th. (Dates and times subject to change)
  • We will be demolishing more than 1,000 feet of the upper deck from Beale Street west to the Clocktower building. To ensure public safety, the lower deck must be closed during this work.
  • By working over Labor Day weekend, we can complete this phase in three days and avoid a second weekend closure.
  • Saturday and Sunday traffic volumes on Labor Day weekend are typically lower than on other weekends. Traffic volumes on Labor Day itself are significantly lower than on a normal weekend or weekday.
  • Weekends in September and October have major public events planned. By performing this work over Labor Day weekend, we eliminate the possibility of greater traffic and community impacts.
  • Work must be done between mid-August and the end of October to keep this important seismic safety project on schedule.
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