XSG - 1 G 2 Many (xsg) wrote in burning_man,
XSG - 1 G 2 Many

Protecting my vehicle...

I've mentioned it before, but it gets asked often enough that I'll post how I deal with keeping my vehicle playa-safe.

I've got an SUV I'm bringing out to the playa. I don't want to have to worry about dust getting everywhere inside the vehicle and the engine compartment.

To avoid this, I plan to arrive when few others will be arriving, so I'm not stuck in a lot of dust durring arrival. I also plan to leave when few others are leaving. This way I'm not going to be eating a lot of dust as I'm travelling.

When I get to my campsite, I'll unload my vehicle and position my it to be a windbreak for my tent. I have resolved to not use my vehicle once it's unloaded, until it's time to depart once again.

I've purchased a 25' x 20' clear plastic sheet, the kind painters use as a drop cloth. It was $25 at my local hardware store. I'm going to unroll this plastic, lay it on the ground, centered where my vehicle is going to be parked for the duration of the burn, and then park on top of it. Before getting out, I'll position my windshield reflector to keep the sun from killing my dashboard. I'll get out of the vehicle and then wrap the vehicle up in the clear plastic, sealing every edge to the other side of the plastic using duct tape. When I'm done, every seam will be taped shut. This way, no dust gets in until it's time to go. When it is time to go, I'll rip open the plastic, wad it up, pack it out, and have it recycled.
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