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I was just introduced to this LJ community & wanted to introduce myself :o)

My name is Kara & I will be at Entheon Village/ M.A.P.S./ CoSM at 4:00 & Esplanade this year!

An introduction of our camp...

ENTHEON, meaning a place to discover the spirit within, will be the name of the Burning Man village in 2006, that includes MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) and CoSM (Chapel of Sacred Mirrors).  The mission of Entheon is to demonstrate a future in which psychedelic experiences, emergent from the underground, are a welcomed and integrated part of society, and where art, spirituality and creativity is central to that vision.  Entheon will be a grounded gathering place offering an intellectual, therapeutic, artistic and creative cornucopia of interactive opportunities.  MAPS will make available information acknowledging and addressing legitimate and irrational fears concerning psychedelic experiences, and report on the groundbreaking state-of-the art scientific research into the benefits of these potentially transformative passages. CoSM will offer inspirational visionary art, ceremonies and creative programs for Burners.  The village of Entheon will merge science and healing, art and spirituality in a site for celebration. 

MAPS will assist Rangers, the originators of Sanctuary, by staffing it with psychedelic therapists and volunteer trainees to transform the pain of a Burner's difficult psychedelic experience into a learning opportunity.  Twenty-four hours a day, MAPS representatives, mental health professionals and trainees, will serve those in psychedelic emergencies. Sanctuary will remain in a central location near Ranger headquarters, outside of camp ENTHEON.

The CoSM dome, with it's laser-eyed, multi-headed apex will offer orientation on the playa.  The Chapel will serve as a contemplative space for safe and positive journeying, an art workshop space for "Drawing the Subtle Body" and other creative sessions led by Alex and Allyson Grey and other artists. The Chapel will also be the perfect wedding sanctuary and ultimate chill space with ambient music.

Seen from the playa, Entheon Village will invite Burners to an open plaza in front of a large video projection screen and stage.  The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors will be a large dome with a twisted spire and sculpted cupola featuring a four faced head with laser eyes.  CoSM will be situated on the playa itself, across the esplanade from the MAPS dome and will include life-sized replicas of the Sacred Mirrors in their sculpted frames as well as other paintings by Alex Grey. Domes will also be provided for the visionary art of Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffmann, Dean Chamberlain and Cary Thompson's Dimethyl Temple.  The open plaza in front of the MAPS dome will offer opportunities for conversation, dance, music and celebration. Crowning the MAPS dome will be with an e-wire sculpture of a man on a  bicycle to commemorate the famous ride of Albert Hofmann, discoverer of LSD and synthesizer of psilocybin, who turned 100 on January 11, 2006!  The MAPS dome will feature psychedelic elders (the Grofs, the Shulgins…) scientists, researchers and explorers to educate Burners in a wide-ranging lecture series that will alternate with sessions of holotropic breathwork, a non-drug method of inducing altered states in a therapeutic context.  The physical space of Entheon will be designed by a close-knit Chicago crew of social activists, and built by the psychedelic community.

Entheon will be the crucible to meld visionary art and visionary science by inviting Burners to discover the scientist, artist, and therapist within.  Due to organizations like MAPS, pioneering psychedelic elders and a younger generation of psychedelic researchers, activists and supporters, are laying the foundations for resuming legal research after almost 40 years of repression.  CoSM has become a seed-bed of visionary culture by positing a view of higher consciousness that honors global traditions, by validating and reinforcing the emerging vision of World Spirit, and by inviting the viewer to contemplate our shared humanity, the interconnectedness of all life and our collective destiny.  Along with a number of our culture's best-loved visionary artists, CoSM and MAPS will join together in Entheon at Burning Man to seek a future of compassion and wisdom.

Behind the public interactive spaces, a community of about 250 campers will live and eat together. Provided with sites for rest and reflection, members of Entheon will experience nourishing, private moments to rejuvenate and enable them to offer a constant flow of interactive experiences to the Burning Man community.

Coincidentally, 2006 is the 20th Anniversary of both MAPS and Burning Man, as well as the anniversary of the original vision of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.  This is clearly a time of international opening to psychedelic energies.  Entheon village will celebrate these historic anniversaries, reminding us of lessons learned and inspiring us to remember the cultural turmoil of the '60's when a psychedelic revolution led to idealism as well as fear and repression.  Visioning a new path toward culturally integrating, psychedelic mysticism, art, and therapy could contribute to the end of a war against cognitive liberty, and change minds for the purpose of seeing our global unity, and triumphing hope over fear.

As Albert Einstein remarked, "The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophe. What shall be required, if mankind is to survive, is a whole new mode of thinking."  Entheon seeks to demonstrate a path to that new mode of thinking.


It's my first burn, & I'll be lighting poi & staff for the first time out there as well.

Also wondering, if anyone has an extra space for a passenger back to Reno on the Monday after the burn? My flight is early Tuesday morning, so if anyone had extra floor space in a hotel room in Reno that'd be sweet. Entheon has a shuttle open to everyone but it's $40 each way :o/

See you all when I get out there in 10 days!

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