mariclare (tearose) wrote in burning_man,

i know i keep posting here, but it's because this is the first burning man i'm missing since i started going (which was only 2 years ago). i had NO IDEA it would be so freaking painful. when i think of all my friends there, and all the thousands of people having a magical time right now, my heart hurts. it hurts when i go to the burning man website and watch the burning man tv and hear the music in the background. and it hurts especially strong knowing the man is burning tonight. i spoke to my younger sister today, who's never been, and i told her as much as you really can to someone who's never been, and she's convinced she wants to go next year, so as of now, we're planning on going together. i can't believe i have to wait a whole other year before i'm home again. *heartaches*

i miss home.
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