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...but I got there.

First off, I want to thank all the wonderful people who have posted photos of the event, it makes me nostalgic for… yesterday. Memories… priceless… Thank you.

So, I had just taken a great new job. As a graduate in music, I was hired as pre-school teacher music teacher. It was perfect- I love kids, I eventually want to teach high school, it was located just around the corner from where I live, and this is not to mention the benefits I would eventually receive. So being hired on the spot, I pulled the asshole move and just quit my previous employment from hell where every morning was a 5 am morning and my boss did nothing but bitch at her employees for mishaps caused by her own neglect.

So my amazing journey to the playa this year occurred on an impulse that erupted in the pit of my gut Monday evening (the night the event started). I was sitting in my half lit kitchen finishing birthday thank you notes. I was in high sprits, the friendly environment of the new preschool was such a contrast and weight off my shoulders compared to the precious place of 5 am mornings, and 9 hour days that reeked an incessant odor of filthy diapers. In between notes, I got distracted as I usually do, with one of the gifts I had received. It was a book a fellow burner who I had never met made and gave to my uncle to give to me. On the first page she explains that after many years of receiving beautiful gifts from the playa, this book of her photos, quotes and stories of burner’s adventures is designed to be part of her contribution back. It was at that distinct moment, stairing at a shot she took of the open playa at sunset with the Concessa (the huge pirate ship, I think that's the name) as a ssilhouett in the distance, that I knew it would be a huge mistake for me to by pass making it to the playa this year.

Only thing was… well, only things were…

it was too late to buy tickets online and there was a possibility that I wouldn’t make it out to the gate Friday as I had my new job. So I made post on line and even put my phone number. With in minutes, I got responses for ticket sales as well as ride shares. I could already feel the burner energy of team work at work and even stronger current of the natural energies telling me I need to be there.

So cool, I got my ticket, bought it Tuesday and got my ride share figured out. Now all I had to do was ask my boss, or should I say… the lady who came to be the wicked witch of central Davis, for Friday afternoon off- I didn’t want to deal with 6:00 traffic up I-80. “No” was the answer, “absolutely not! Not before a three-day weekend”

I assumed she didn’t know that this wasn’t just any three day weekend for me. So I decided to take the honest approach and tell the truth instead of another typical, sudden and unbelievable, family emergency that tend to occur on the Friday before a holiday weekend. “No.” It was affirmed like a smack on my hand that I had to make a decision- work or burning man. What was more important to me…? So don’t ask me why I just didn’t leave then and there, perhaps I thought staying until at least Thursday would save my ass at least a little before I took off, playa bound with my ride share and called in sick Friday morning from a satellite phone on the playa. So yes, I got fired from my job, but the moment I saw the distant lights of Black Rock City coming in Thursday evening, I knew I’d made the right decision, and do not regret a thing.

I had a great burn, the best yet- and completely sober the whole time! But those are whole different posts.

Much love

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