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"Cover Your Shit Up!"

"Cover Your Shit Up!"

Ok this is going to be a short entry- pardon the tpy-os, my lap top is about to die.

So here is my idea for a theme camp next year. I will need a ton of help though.

So, as a third year burner, I make an effort to creatively cover brand name logos on backpacks and bikes. But still I see logos all over the place- on t-shirts, backpacks, R-Vs ect. Which... ok fine, we all do our part, sometimes we can only do what we can do, but what about creating a "Cover you Shit Up" theme camp designed to suply burners materials to creatively cover their logos.

We can supply patches and stickers with burners artwork, designs and drawings, bike decorating fabric, and possibly even track down the font of R-V logos and print out letters to change/manipulate the words.

Tell me what you think
Much love

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