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P.O.O.P. (people out of place) on the Playa!

Possible options to manage P.O.O.P. (people out of place) on the Playa!

1) Create a separate event 50 miles down 447 where they can leave their empty beer cans and cigarette buts and exploit their own P.O.O.Pie community and leave ours alone.
2) 2) Create a P.O.O.P control camp. Kind of like animal control, but instead P.O.O.P. If someone is reported as being P.O.O.Pie, have a large 6’+” dude or chick come around and:
a) put them in a large art car cage labeled Playa P.O.O.P and drive around and humiliate them.
b)hold them hostage until they surrender and are willing to pick up an entire garbage bag of M.O.O.P.

3) Simply extort the P.O.O.P. from the event.
4) Create an unwritten law that states any burner can kick Playa P.O.O.P ‘s asses until they swear the Playa Deities that they either
a) leave and not come back
b) or for ever change their ways.
5) Tell any P.O.O.P suspicious individual that frat boy camp is 50 down 447 with the separate event.

Any one else have any good ideas to keep our community clean and playa feces clean.
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