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Journey home

Burning man 2006...

After an impromptu arrival and magical experience in Blackrock City, Nevada, I through the car door open of my ride share home in a disgusted fit. What the fuck was this Crazyfuck thinking let alone trying to do. What did he want… some repayment for his generosity over the course of the past 5 days I didn’t even spend with him? I was not going to kiss him under any circumstance. I peered over to the driver’s seat. He looked hurt and shot some patronizing comment my way as I stormed from the vehicle. “ I needed some fresh air I told him.”

So as we all inched toward the two lane highway that began our journeys home, I hopped between various vehicles to chat with other burners about their week and to put me in a better mood. All was fine and good, until I in this process…lost track of my ride home.

Oh shit I thought to my self carelessly, at least I got rid of Crazyfuck. But nonetheless, there I was… standing alone in between the endless lines of cars… in the middle of the desert with nothing but me, myself, and a skimpy dress that barely covered the bottom of my super comfy, green lace ladybug panties I’d slipped on this morning for my ride home.

So what does a 120 lb, 5’2” female do in this situation? Work her feminine charm and flaunt her sexuality of course, and what better place to create this magic than the gates to Blackrock City. So to make a long story short, it didn’t take me long to find a bus full of enthusiastic folks willing to take me my way… well so I thought.

So recap, I’ve escaped Crazyfuck, have none of my shit, no wallet, no money, no keys, no ID, and most important…NO CELL PHONE. I know, I know, I am a city girl at heart, and am attached at the spleen to my cell phone, and now I couldn’t even call Crazyfuck to let him know what’s up, where I was, not to worry, and where to drop all my shit.

Will continue later…
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