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this a very long post with lots of pictures all about our wedding day.
these are pictures of my wedding dress. take a good look because there are no really good photo of it during our wedding.

you see we had gotten all cleaned up and dressed in our robes and were getting ready to leave when someone comes riding down our street screaming a white out is coming better batten down the hatches. we spent an hour, hour and a half hold down our tent. my hubby said what are we going to do. i said hold down our tent so it doesn't become moop!! i was needless to say very upset, here we are all dress and getting covered in dust trying to keep our camp from blowing away in winds that had to be at least 35 miles an hour. thy snapped five pvc poles that hold up our tent, and pulled three two foot long re bar out of the ground the winds was blowing so hard!

pictures of the white out coming..

someone even said there was a twister that went through our area, this is someones picture of it.

we had been holding it down for a long time when my hubby said we should park my art cart on top of it and go in side the rv. sitting the rv i heard people laughing. i looked out th window and saw that our neighbors were having no problems with their tents, they were just sitting there drinking and laughing it up! people were ridding and walking down the street like nothing was happening! so i said screw it! were going to get married! we walked all the way to the reverends camp. everyone in his camp was busy holding thing s down too. his wife asked me if i just wanted to go half way out into the playa, i told her no way we were going all the!!! we were going out to the temple and getting married. all four of us walked the mile out to the temple against the wind the whole way! it was cold so the reverend gave me his cape to me warm, it covered the back and sides of my dress where the lacing was. so i have no pictures of them. when we got there there was some people there so we announced that we were getting married and would like them to join us. we passed out cameras and had the ceremony with dust blowing all around us! then the rev gave us these bottles of water the were taken from lake mead and chanted over by monks with thoughts of love for ten hours. they said the water molecules change their bonding and structuring we poured it into one glass and drank from it together. we were pronounced to everyone as man and wife, then they all started to sing and dance hava nagila around and with us. it was beautiful, and everyone was so thrilled that we walked against the dust storm all the way to the temple to get married. that nothing would stop us from getting married!

i served our wedding feast the next day. i made snow crab legs, susi, fresh fruit, and cheese tortellini in butter, garlic and white wine. i made chicken parmigiana, ravilos, and vegi in white wine, butter and garlic. our wedding cake was chocolate fudge with chocolate glase with red roses decorating it. the hubby bought a case of red and white wine to serve as well. my hubby just went out into the street in front of our camp and invited everyone who pass by in to join in our wedding feast. all our neighbors all came over. they loved it so much that decided that our camp should be named just married camp and we should get married every year so i can serve a wedding feast every year!

well i am tired and i have lots more pictures and stories to tell so i will save them for another time.
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