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Burning Man Gifts

I want to hear about your gifts to and from the playa. What did you give? What did you receive? What was the most meaningful to you? What are you inspired to give next year? (I want to make better intersection signs, for those that go missing.) Please tell me anything you are willing to share.

Gifts I gave:
-A huge collection of glowies and blinkies to share with my campmates, neighbors, bartenders, and unlit strangers causing hazards on the Esplanade that I completely inappropriately referred to as "Darkies".

-Face painting for several hours in Center Camp Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon.

- 9:30/Fate intersection sign (it was missing Monday evening when we arrived), put up Tuesday with the help of a neighbor's super-strong gaffers tape. Thanks to that and my super thick aluminum wire, that sucker stayed up through the Tues/Wed windstorms and random passerby's attempts to steal it.
Every night I lit the sign lovingly with glowies or other lights (despite the fact that random passers-by would yell at me to stop stealing the sign whenever they saw me working on it).

-Constant MOOP patrol, including gridding my camp as well as several abandoned camp areas around us before leaving. (I found dog poo! Gross, people!)

Mutual Gifts:
~Glow stuffs to the Scrap Eden trees - every day I would collect used sticks, necklaces, etc. from our camp and bikes and decorate the trees with them.

~Dragon bike - I loved making him, I loved lighting him every night (complete with a fiery fiberoptic want out the mouth, hehe), I loved chasing MOOP with him, and I loved that people seemed to like him.

Gifts from the playa:
Aside from the playa itself, the amazing collection of people, the volunteers, the beauty of the desert, music, dancing, coffee pullers, and the overwhelmingly beautiful, mind-blowing art everywhere....

* Cory's arrowhead necklace, given in exchange for a sunburst painted on her shoulder.

* Allen's neck/shoulder massage and kind words in return for doodling some zen-ish symbols on him with paint, which brought me more relaxation than I've known in probably years.

* All of the interractions with lovely people who let me paint on them.

* The Burning Bunny easter egg, a treasure found while MOOPing the morning after the burn, riding around by myself in the cool morning light before sunrise, trying to come down from drink+painkillers.

* Espresso-tini - a luxurious chilled kalua/coffee/cream concoction passed to the coffee line in Center Camp.

* The soft, clicky greeting of the androgynous black and white stripy critter, who approached me shyly and petted my black and white striped stockings and arm warmers in the sweetest way.

* Vanilla cigarettes from a cute boy in Center Camp on our first (Monday) night.

* Extra blue glowies from a campmate just as I thought I'd run out of all the blue stuff for my cyborg outfit.

* Otterpops! Our neighbors across the street had an insulated bag full of them and would offer them to strangers and neighbors regularly. omg Otterpops in the desert = best thing ever.

* Tequila shots from the Tiki Lounge, just up the street from us, and multiple other liquor-dispensing places whose names are too blurred to remember... Bubble Bar was one?

* Getting called beautiful, and reminded that I am, and that there is still good in this world, and I just might be a part of that goodness.
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