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The Last Tempation of Want It - 10.07.06

hey all, my camp is throwing a big party on the night before decompression. if you're in san francisco and looking to make a ridiculous weekend out of decom, stop by and throw shit at us! oh, and dance around and meet cool people and get liquored up...

the full BSP and flyers are behind the cut for your page loading pleasure:

WANT IT cordially invites yo’ ass to a decompression weekend party for the record books.
Check it:

Room 1: Hosted by Want It

Julio Midnite (Want It)
Dirt (Cymbalic, Omniscient Records)
mo corleone (Want It, Ambient Mafia)
dj chai (Want It)
dj.malloc() (Want It)
Gowenauf (Want It)
Forest Green (Daly City Records, Sister, def)
SeventhSwami (Want It, Ambient Mafia)

Room 2: Hosted by the Ambient Mafia

Squelchy (Ambient Mafia, The Extra Credit)
mc boomerang fidget (Ambient Mafia, HATFYR)
Shane (Ambient Mafia, FnF)
4matt (Ambient Mafia)
Peek (Thump Radio, Ambient Mafia)
The Captain (Ambient Mafia, Chill Syndicate, Stargaze)
Actual Rafiq (Ambient Mafia)
Dave Steinwedel (KDVS 90.3)

Visuals by NIMH
Paintings by local Bay Area artists
Free photo booth!
Playa wear encouraged
Feel free to BYOB, but be prepared to show ID at the door

Saturday, October 7th, 2006
1300 Potrero (at 25th), San Francisco
9:00pm – 6:00am
No Cover (donations happily accepted!)

Link to flyers:
See you there!

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