tatjna (tatjna) wrote in burning_man,

Hey all. Figured if anyone would be able to help me out with information, it'd be someone in this community.

I recently started experimenting with EL wire clothing. It's going really well, thanks for asking. However, New Zealand is a virtual desert for EL wire and El wire accessories and goodies. Here, it's still mainly the realm of boy racers and case modders. And when it comes to repairs or to making my own connectors and power packs (which I'd like to do because the proprietary ones are crap, basically), the stuff just doesn't seem to be around.

As an example, I went into an electrical supply shop and asked for copper foil tape. The guy just looked at me blankly, and we ended up having a somewhat frustrating conversation in which I realised that the concept of EL wire is new to most people in the trade here, and I left empty handed.

I'm sure this community is full of people who play with EL wire. So, can anybody tell me where online I might be able to get the things I need? Mainly it's the copper tape, but any of the other bits that can come in handy would be good too.

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